About the Show

You know those dumb shower thoughts you have that you’re too embarrassed to bring up to your coworkers, friends, or even your wife?  Well, we’re the guys dumb enough to actually talk about them. The best free podcast that supports you by using your support to support our sponsors who support us.  So sit back, rest your leg knuckles, and let your ear holes be inundated with frivolous drivel on subjects previously unearthed by sophisticated conversation and banal textbooks. 

About the Hosts

Matthew Kaufman

The young, married, and shaggy one, Mathew, daylights as a civil engineer and pretends to be smart.  He’s known for having at least two websites and one podcast that failed.  So naturally, that makes him the most experienced at losing.  Fortunately, his vast experience at losing has set him up perfectly for losing every draft and game ever.  He is the Class A loser of Shoot from the Hip.

Brian Sosebee

The old family-man of the group, Brian comes from an eclectic background of mechanical engineering and weird side gigs with websites and Kickstarter campaigns.  He’s pretty new to this whole podcast thing, which means he’s the worst of the group.  Unfortunately, we’re desperate for a third so we put up with him… for now.  He is mostly known on the podcast as “the other guy.”

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